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Our vision at The Whaling City Jr./Sr. High School is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that serves and supports at-risk students by addressing the whole child. Students will be provided with a rigorous education that is aligned to state standards and given close support in self-regulation in order to provide them with the tools necessary to be prepared to transition back into mainstream schools, college, the military, or into the workforce.


We are committed to developing a community of life-long learners who are academically proficient, demonstrate strong character and exhibit self-confidence, self-respect and respect for others. Students WILL be supported in stretching their academic potential, life skills, confidence, and relationship building in order to achieve their future goals.

Whaling City Teacher Emails: 
Ms. Andersen-Serena: tandersenserena@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Blake: cblake@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Botelho: bbotelho@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Cabral: dcabral@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Duane: vduane@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Flaherty: pflaherty@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Floyd: sfloyd@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Giorgianni: dgiorgianni@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Irwin: mirwin@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Johnson: kjohnson@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Jones: ejones@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Kazen: jkazen@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Markey: lmarkey@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Mastroianni-Darche: mmastroianni@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. McIntire: cjmcintire@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Mignault: kmmignault@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Miranda: smiranda@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Odedina: aodedina@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Oswald: roswald@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Rafferty: trafferty@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Ricci: dmricci@newbedfordschools.org
Mr. Safi: jsafi@newbedfordschools.org
Ms. Sivertsen: msivertsen@newbedfordschools.org 

Whaling City Headlines

To keep the learning alive while school is closed, we are making computers available for all Whaling City students. We hope this will help ensure all students can access online learning opportunities. We expect each student to have access to a computer at home. At home, your child can access online learning opportunities by visiting New Bedford Public School’s website: http://www.newbedfordschools.org. Also, you may qualify for free Internet access from Comcast. To sign up, applicants can simply visit https://internetessentials.com/ or by call 1-855-846-8376. If you have questions, please email or call Whaling City or a staff member from the school. Thank you for your continued support in keeping our students safe, healthy and learning during this time away from school.
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12:00 noon to 1:00 pm

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